About us

We are scientists, doctors, businesspeople and security experts who believe that we can radically reduce the amount of suffering and unnecessary deaths in the world by better harnessing the latest technology and medical knowledge.

We have gathered an exceptional
team around this idea

Among us, our accomplishments include:

  • Designing the world’s leading online security device
  • Publishing articles in Science, Nature Genetics, Human Molecular Genetics
  • Founding a charity which helped over 1,000 children from underprivileged areas and granted 100+ schoolarships


  • 100% of our team holds an MD, PhD, MPH, MBA, or other Master’s degree
  • 100% of our team believes in our mission
  • We are based in San Francisco, California.

Our mission

It’s tragic when people suffer and die from disease. But it’s more tragic when this loss can be prevented, and isn’t. Today, technology and medical advances make it possible to discover genetic predispositions early, and then act to change someone’s life course.

This is why we created Healthdom

Our goal is to empower people to use these technologies and insights to prevent suffering, control their own health, and live full, healthy lives. We’re making disease prevention automatic and convenient.